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Fine Glassware for professional use in Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

John Jenkins is one of the United Kingdom’s leading designers and suppliers of Crystal and Glass for the high end Hospitality Industry. Since 1901 our aim has been to design and supply stylish glassware which is practical in service and which complements both wine and table.

We keep in stock a large range of both hand made and machine made glassware which is available for immediate delivery. However, our in house design department also creates exclusive patterns of hand made glassware to the specific requirement of many of our Hospitality clients.

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Glasses for Wine

The wine glasses that we keep in stock range from GALA, which is machine made and relatively inexpensive, to STARR, Our Finest Wine Glass, a fully hand made glass intended for the serious wine enthusiast.

Whatever the price point, each pattern aims to provide the best combination of cost and performance that is possible at that price. There are patterns with short stems which are particularly suited to very busy establishments and there are also long stemmed patterns that are more suited to fine dining restaurants.

Every pattern, whether machine made or hand made, benefits from the latest advances in glass making technology which have enhanced the clarity, durability and scratch resistance of these wine glasses.

With hand made glass a great variety of shapes is possible; and we specialise in designing exclusive patterns that are developed for many hospitality clients around the world.

Our very latest design is STARR-this is a fully hand made glass which has been developed over several years of testing and evaluation and which we believe gives the very best wine drinking experience.

We ourselves are passionate about wine and know what an important part wine plays when entertaining. It is now widely understood that a good wine glass enhances the enjoyment of wine.

We have long believed that for those who really enjoy drinking good wine, as good as some wine glasses are, an even better wine glass could be designed and made. Part of our mission in recent years has been to create a wine glass that is not just better, but that is the finest that we can make.

The STARR wine glasses are individually made by hand, in lead free crystal glass, as we wanted the glasses to be as light as is practical, with a thin stem to further reduce the weight. The lightness of the glass is very important , as a heavy and awkward glass can be a real distraction to the wine enthusiast and professional.

The rim of the STARR glass is particularly fine, further enhancing the pleasure of tasting the wine- in use the glasses are beautifully balanced and the shapes are harmonious and elegant.

Each size has been developed to deliver the very best performance for the wine indicated- every one has been tested and retested until we were completely satisfied that it really was the best shape for a particular wine.

We believe that using the STARR glasses delivers a unique and wonderful drinking experience and we are proud to call it Our Finest Wine Glass.

Glasses for the Bar

In recent years the Bar has become a much more important feature of the Hospitality business-hence the large assortment of specialist Bar glasses that we now offer; some of these echo the designs of the 1920s when cocktails were all the rage, others are clearly of today. Many of these shapes have been developed in cooperation with eminent Bar and Mixology professionals who need an exceptional glass in which to serve the latest cocktails.

Some of these glasses are machine made, with the more unusual shapes being hand made; and we are constantly designing new, bespoke Cocktail Glasses and Tumblers for our Hospitality clients.

As with our Wine Glasses, these Bar glasses have been carefully designed with Style and Glamour in mind and they really do enhance the Cocktail Bar experience.

With a showroom and distribution centre in both the UK and the USA we are able to give an excellent service to clients all over the world.  If you are a Hospitality professional please contact us and we will be happy to send you a copy of our current catalogue and we also hope that you will be able to visit one of our showrooms.

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